Social Media: addiction by DESIGN

Are you concerned about your privacy?
Are you worried for your children (or yourself) about the influences of the Internet and Social Media?
Do you wonder what you can do to reduce privacy risks?

This workshop unfolds as part performance and part documentary, using a judicious mix of story telling/anecdotes, short video segments, song performance and humorous segues to explore current developments around Artificial Intelligence, Data Use, Social Media and Privacy.

The program will include:

. Outlining how personal assistance devices also collect and use data.Participating in live audience polls
. A musical duet and discussion with “Siri”
. Demonstrations of data use in play
. Recapping Canadian experiences and law vs. the rest of the world
. How to look at web tracking
. Reviewing social media issues vs. privacy
. Exploring outlets for learning
. Discussing avenues available to seek protections
. How to recognizing spam
. How to protect your privacy

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