The 5 W-s of OPEN DATA

Are you aware that Open Data initiatives have been found in governments around the world since the late 2000’s?

Do you know what Open Data is?

This session answers these questions in 5 specific 5-minute blocks covering the traditional 5-w’s of journalism. The “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When” and “Why”. But don’t fret, the “How” also shows up under the Who section.

This is really quite an interesting way of covering the needs for an Open Data 101 session but adds great variety within each segment. And allows for plenty of Q & A after the segments.

Our workshop leader, Keith, worked for the City of Toronto when Open Data work began in earnest in Canada. He wound up as the first Open Data Lead for the City and his speaking and communication efforts were central in engaging the local tech community with City staff.

His “unofficial Open Data National Anthem” — the Open Data Song — went viral and led to many diverse connections and relationships across the world. Connections Keith maintains to this day.

So, yes, attendees do get to hear this song!

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