AI & the NEW abnormal

If the past is prologue, it’s an absolute certainty humanity will not be able to control Artificial Intelligence. So, the question becomes will Artificial Intelligence be able to control humanity?

Keith McDonald, Founder: the literacy AI project

5 Part Virtual Series

In one of our most successful literacy AI series, we outline how the tech industry is proceeding so fast with artificial intelligence, the average citizen can’t keep track. What used to be a normal expectation for useful technology is now the opposite!

We discuss:

. How and where AI is being used
. How AI is created
. How AI infiltrates social media users
. How ethical AI must be our prime directive
. How AI can be both positive and negative at the same time

Part 1: Welcome to the Machine and the China Experience.

This intros the scope for the series and outlines how a visit to China influenced the framework of Keith’s perception for the immediate need to educate around AI. Covers his excursion to China, what is going on there and what is happening here and around the world that mirrors their evolution/revolution. Presents a few “food for thoughts” to be dealt with in the subsequent sessions such as AI and employment, digital rights, data mining and surveillance.

Part 2: Reading, Writing and Algorithmatic .

This gets down to explaining algorithms: how they are created, used and work in many different ways. Suggests how AI literacy can be taught everywhere in many subjects and how our interactions with algorithms is basically everywhere. The audience will learn to identify bots, how to know what is and isn’t an “AI” as well as some defining of “AI”. NEW: Chat-GPT added.

Part 3: Doom Scrolling, Data Mining and the can-AI-ary in the Coal Mine.

This takes dives into Social Media and use of algorithms (AI), how so many people are engaged yet unaware how their engagements say so much about them to the platforms.

Uncovers data capture and sale of personal data, GDPR and law, monopolies and threat of breaking them up, the dilemma of freedom of speech vs. fake news.

Part 4: Responsible AI, Ethical AI and Government: Canada from toast to toast to toast 

This covers the efforts around AI doing no harm. Specific reference to Canada and Ontario government and agency work at Responsible AI but also a look at a world view: what is happening, what isn’t happening, how might we navigate bad actors in AI, how can we know what is going on (transparency vs. covert), the threat of militarization of AI and when we might see singularity. Also a look at bias in algorithms.

Part 5: Optimistic/Pessimist or the Pessimist/Optimist – which one are you? 

The final episode will show both good and bad examples of AI in use and what is coming. For every bad example there is a good one (or you could say for every good example there is a bad one). Our perspective on AI will decidedly be a factor in resolving risks (risk management) and adopting the good over the bad. The examples are all quite stunning and can’t help but clarify where AI is going. Also shows the need for defining rules and process now and why we can’t wait. How the audience can be involved in decision making and a call for action on not being complacent with products and agencies engaged in bad practices etc.

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