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Are you looking for an organization to teach about AI, or workshop about Artificial Intelligence literacy, or bring AI literacy and lessons to life? How about people who teach AI – someone you can trust to make an Artificial Intelligence literacy session worthwhile for any age group?

Well, we have such a person and make presentations to schools, libraries or community groups specifically on AI. So, look no further! Read on to discover us: the literacy AI project.

We spread the word on the need to teach about AI to all ages. More than that, it is especially necessary to do so within all courses in schools from English to match to history. We are active in reaching out to all ages directly through our diverse number of AI workshops. You may wonder how many ways you can communicate about AI. The answer is many. We take pride in our capacity to AI educate and train through entertainment: such as using live comedy to make a point or argument truly memorable. Using the “perfect” video clip – that informs a reference or new development – brings vital visual content into the presentation. We use both clips and humour as significant ingredients for our Artificial Intelligence workshops.

Indeed, discussing AI is not the easiest of subjects to teach or present. There is a lot of complexity – especially if you dive deep into the weeds. Explaining code and how algorithms are created, used and contain bias is a challenge. We found our niche – and where we specialize – is developing and delivering introductory AI literacy programs that stimulate, inspire and tingle the imagination. To do this, we do leave the extremely complex details for others to cover in longer curriculum based college and university type courses. But, in working this way, we are the perfect conduit for audiences to discover the basics – the most effective entry into introducing and understanding AI.

We have one of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen in Keith McDonald. After seeing him do a presentation on Artificial Intelligence literacy, I became an enthusiastic member of the literacy AI project itself.

Francisca Fortes, Curator/Consulting Partner: the literacy AI project

In our research we found very few organizations who actually specialize in generating profound excitement about AI. The tendency for most is to jump off with complexity and bog their content down into way too much academic rhetoric. All this does is confuse audiences. In reality, anyone not actively working or wanting to work in the AI industry, isn’t prepared to learn that much in a one hour presentation. We discovered early on, we were much more effective at laying out what is taking place in Artificial Intelligence and how AI impacts all of us than how the “tool” or “app” is made. When we tried going that far, audiences simply became exhausted.

So, that being said, we encourage you to look at all of our AI workshops. And, please, reach out to us to chat about an AI presentation, workshop or class for introducing a way to train and teach about AI to your group. Our costs are reasonable and reflect the capacity of groups to fund. We prepare individual quotes vs. standard rates so let us know your circumstances and we hope to visit with you soon. We do both virtual and in-person workshops, presentations and classes on and about Artificial Intelligence.

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