Virtual Series Preparation KIT

Let’s get you pumped up and ready for our virtual series & programs with some helpful information on some basic AI literacy PLUS many of the referenced items Keith uses in his slide decks.

NOTE 1: This page will be a living page as we offer different AI literacy presentations through the year – so check back as you attend a program. NOTE 2: Each page opens in a separate window so you can tab back and forth on your browser.

Presentation PREP + References …

We currently have 10 pages in our PREP KIT. If you are a return visitor, You can jump to the individual pages here:
Prep kit 2 | Prep kit 3 | Prep kit 4 | Prep kit 5 | Prep kit 6 | Prep kit 7 | Prep kit 8 | Prep kit 9 | Prep kit 10 | Comments

Learn how to recognize when AI is being used:

“the AI napkin”:

Large high quality AI napkin image

Take a mock AI job interview – a deep dive into full AI literacy:
AI Interview Questions

AI definitions:
Different AIs’ explained

AI and Bias

Great website to see and learn the difficulties (and realities) of bias in AI.

Talk to Digital Einstein

Sadly, this website has closed on completion of the project. You cna read the study HERE

You can now talk to Sophie

an extension of what was learned from the Einstein project …


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