Let’s go 100 years into the future and speculate what happens when full on conscious AI is as common in our lives as the mobile phone is right now.
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the A(i), B, C’s of Artificial Intelligence Literacy

There are four pillars of “must knows” to make a person AI literate. This session outlines these and presents a compelling case for making Artificial Intelligence literacy a must have in schools and in business. Note: you don’t have to learn code to be AI literate.
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Join all five lively and entertaining sessions that include AI themed songs, a debate with Siri (yes, that Siri), multi-media components, anecdotes and interviews.
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Social Media – Addiction by DESIGN

Let’s talk about the social pressures, risks and privacy implications of using social media and how we can manage obsessive use (ideal for teens).
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A quick outline of open data using the 5 W’s concept – lots of time for questions as we learn about all things open data.
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Experience a multimedia, immersive presentation with music, props and characters talking about Artificial Intelligence, its impacts and what citizens need to know to make sure they are prepared for all the changes to come.
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Connecting the DOTS between HUMANS & BOTS

Let’s examine the connections between AI development and outcomes to human use and impacts.
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Building a better human through AI

How can we leverage AI to benefit humans and humanity as opposed to replacing us. We examine the promise of AI and what is happening now that demonstrates this positive side of AI.
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Feral AI … Herding ROBOTS

Like any feral being. AI may very well run free with no connection to any human or place. What might we get if and when AI reaches independent consciousness and goes feral?
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Artificial Intelligence: Immaculate DECEPTION

Are humans wanting and risking everything to be Gods to AI? Are we ready to go that far and what might the consequences of being worshiped as creators mean?
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