Connecting the DOTS between HUMANS & BOTS

What makes AI tick (and sometimes talk)?
Can we read between the lines to learn how and when AI is being used?
Why is AI still so bad (not precise) at doing things?
What’s the deal with and about all this Chat-GPT (Chat GP-tease :0 )stuff?

These questions and more are addressed in lively 60 – 90 minute session that covers pretty well everything that’s going on in AI right now. OK, maybe not everything but pretty much everything you need to know to cope.

We discuss ethics, trust, government efforts and what citizens need to do for and with each other – including where we are headed and what happens if we take a wrong turn.

Oh yes, this session spares no thought expense and energy on segments inspiring group discussion. In fact, audience members leave with a capacity to have extended and focused discussions about AI – and the future. That, in fact, is our main literacy AI project mission and no better shows up than in this workshop.

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